It’s a great honour for the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and for me personally to welcome visitors of our web site as the President of the Association of Constitutional Justice of the Countries of the Baltic and Black Sea Regions (BBCJ), established by the Constitutional Courts of Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania and Moldova in October 2015. Despite the relatively short period of its existence, the Association has become a successful platform for developing joint projects and is important for strengthening the institutions of constitutional jurisdiction.

The establishment of the Association is, foremost, the result of close regional interaction, understanding of the key role of constitutional courts and equivalent institutions in promoting the rule of law and the supremacy of the Constitution, safeguarding human rights, as well as commitment to European democratic values.

BBCJ is most willing to unite the institutions of constitutional justice in the Baltic and Black Sea Regions for the development and strengthening of their fruitful cooperation, exchange of information, ideas and experience aimed at promoting independence of the bodies of constitutional control, protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

This year, all high-level events, including the Second Congress and the General Assembly of the Association, will be held in Ukraine. The Constitutional Court of Ukraine invites the representatives of bodies of constitutional control of the region, as well as the representatives of international judicial institutions, organisations and foundations, to discuss the role of constitutional courts in the development of the provisions of national constitutions in the context of the generally recognised principles and norms of international law, EU law, judgments of international courts.

We will be delighted to welcoming you at the Second Congress of the Association of Constitutional Justice of the Countries of the Baltic and Black Sea Regions to be held in May in the hospitable city of Kharkiv at Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University and the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine – one of the leading centers of legal thought, which accumulates creative potential of the academic institutions, educational establishments, key achievements of the legal doctrine.

We firmly believe that fruitful work of the Congress will help us to achieve our common goal – the development of democratic society through strict observance of the rule of law. Looking forward to your great interest and active participation!



Yurii Baulin

Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine,

President of the Association